Privacy policy

According to GDPR e.r. n. 679/2016

With your consent, your information will be processed by ROCCHE DEI BARBARI, with the purpose to provide the information or services you requested.

Type of information

ROCCHE DEI BARBARI will collect and keep your Information, that includes among others, name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, contact information in general, yours and of your possible representatives, and information about your requests, suggestions and preferences (generally referred to as “Information”).

How and why we process your information

With your specific consent when necessary, your Information will be collected and processed on paper, informatic and telematic supports, for the following purposes:

  • For interacting directly with you and provide our services: like answering your requests of information, customise and personalise our services, deliver your purchase, maintain you informed about our activities and commercial initiatives. Your information will be carefully protected and kept available to facilitate possible future interactions with you and to help satisfying your new requests for services.
  • For complying with possible accounting, tax or legal obligations.

Your consent and your privacy controls

We ask your consent to process your Information for the above purposes. Without your consent it will not be possible to provide the requested services. At any moment you can manage, modify or ask for cancellation of the information kept (according to legal norms), writing to:

Whe Rocche dei Barbari sheres your information

We will not share your personal Information with companies, organisations and individuals outside ROCCHE DEI BARBARI, except in the following cases:

  • For accounting-administrative purposes or if necessary for providing services you requested: we might share your Information with individuals we authorise (ex. employees or system administrators), with external consultants, service agencies, suppliers of software and data storage, local or remoted, and other suppliers, whom generally have their own privacy policy and act in compliance with European Privacy Regulation;
  • For complying with possible accounting, tax or legal obligations; government organisations, private organisations acting in their behalf or public authorities to whom it may be obligatory to communicate your Information for complying with legal requirements, or for personal and wealth protection.

Sharing of information for the above purposes will take place according to our indications when possible, and in compliance with European data protection regulation and other possible appropriate good practices, relevant to privacy and security. Such practices will be applied also in the case of information being processed by on-line platforms or servers located outside the European Union.

Changes to the policy

We may modify this Privacy Policy in the future. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. If changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice, publishing the modified or new Policy on our web site or sending e.mail notification.

Storing and keeping your information

We store and accurately protect your Information, for medium/long time, for accessing it in the future if needed to communicate with you or to satisfy a new your request for services.

We control and update the methods we use to process and store Information, including physical and electronic security measures, with the scope to prevent and impede any non-authorised access to systems and archives.

We allow access to the Information we keep only to employees and third parties that need it for executing a task. All those allowed to access private Information must respect our Privacy Policy and all applicable privacy and data protection regulation. Infringement of such regulation may incur a fine or termination of possible existing contracts.