The privilege

of Rocche dei Barbari

Privileged proprietor of cellars in the Historic Center of barbaresco and vineyards in the central valley of the village, the millenary family produces noble artisanal wines since the XVII century, Enriched by its unique experience, it applies a live philosophy, distinctive and in continuous evolution.
Since 1974 the family dedicates a part of its production to the Rocche (cliffs) on which lay its vineyards, originating Rocche Dei Barbari.

The historic vineyards, inherited from the previous generations, elegantly expand to reach the summit of Barbaresco's imposing cliffs (rocche in Italian) that dominate the Tanaro river; nourished by the intense daily sun, and caressed by the delicate nocturnal breeze, they express the power of the elements absorbed during the four seasons, in the tendentially late harvests.

According to the family's traditional method the grapes are normally harvested at advanced ripening, and the wines are guided through a particular aging process of at least five years for the younger selections, and up to ten years for the more mature Riservas. During this phase, they are carefully held mainly in old neutral woods and concrete (cement) tanks, thus preserving in sublime purity the structural complexity of each vintage.

At the first grade of maturation, these exquisite wines enchant with fruity and aromatic spiciness. Progressing in the evolution they enrich with complexity and mutate, fascinating with golden nuances, ancestral scents and flavours impregnated with the soul of their native territory.